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2019 Middlesex County Fair

Every year the Middlesex County Fair hosts a Home Arts Show featuring arts and crafts, baked goods, and photographs, among other categories. Last week I submitted three of my favorite photos taken over the past year.

August Sunset

"August Sunset" was taken after a day at the beach with friends. As I drove home, I was taken in by the smoky, fiery colors of the sky - that unique way the horizon glows only on summer evenings.

I arrived home, grabbed my camera, and raced to Spring Lake Park to capture this image before the sun totally set; "Chasing the Sun" is how I eventually came to think of it. The melancholy feel perfectly describes the end of summer, and the coming autumn.


"Chinatown" was taken in late December, in the aftermath of a rain shower. For several years I've explored New York at night, shooting photos that are inspired by the world of Blade Runner. I like to romanticize the city, whether it's to make environment look exotic, or to make it look gritty.

In spite of the dark look, I've always felt safe walking around New York with my camera. Photography is a very spiritual experience; I feel nothing but freedom when I walk these streets, practicing my craft.

Wine Charms

I took "Wine Charms" while experimenting with my macro extension tubes - devices that are designed to magnify small objects in the frame. The charms are shaped as dreidel's, each containing a Hebrew letter - Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shin. When translated to English, these letters mean "A great miracle happened there."

These Macro Extension tubes have proven to be a lot of fun. Since then, I have taken several shots of jewelry, flowers, decor, and anything else I can get my hands on.

And here is the most important photo of all - my friends Andy, Enoch, and myself having the time of our lives!

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