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Video Productions

The Simple State Band Promo


I joined the Simple State band for a recording session in Ocean, New Jersey back in December 2016. It's a funny story; I didn't realize I was going to be shooting a video that day. I made up everything on the spot, including the interview footage wherein the band members tell their story. 


Many thanks to sound engineer Michael Demaglie for inviting me along that day.

Wedding Videography Reel


This reel is comprised of footage from six weddings that I've shot. These wedding shoots were all arranged through Classic Photographers, an agency that finds photographers/videographers to document couple's special days.

DCNJ Productions Promo

In Winter 2017 I joined David Cifelli who established DCNJ Productions in Kearny, New Jersey. I spent four days interviewing David as well as several musicians who came to DCNJ to record. The final video turned out to be very similar to the Simple State Band Promo.

2018 CPA Success SuperConference Trailer

The CPA Success SuperConference is an annual seminar hosted by Salim Omar, CPA and entrepreneur. The CPA's who attend this conference are taught strategies to grow their practices and their clientele.

This footage was originally shot at the 2017 conference by Fat Chimp Studios. I edited together this trailer using attendee's testimonials as an anchor, splicing in keynote speakers and text to spice things up.

Lex RocHart Performance


In December 2016, I filmed artist Lex RocHart's performance at the Parkside Lounge in New York. I shot the entire performance with my 50mm lens, opened up to f/2.2. This is an excerpt from the recording.

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